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Like many others, I purchased the HP Sprocket in order to print a still image of a video and be able to scan/watch the video later on. I’m unsure how the community has “given feedback” and thus HP decided to remove the one feature many of us bought the device for. I tried customer service over the phone and they said to reinstall an older version of the sprocket app. Can’t do that. Apple App Store automatically downloads the latest version. 

so hp, how can we exchange or at least get the feature back? Why was it taken off in the first place? Did another company patent this technology? 

any way to get a refund since we were misled on the product features? 

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  • @mfker Welcome to HP Community!
    The other day, minutes before I was leaving for a trip to celebrate my wedding anniversary I was notified by a kind teacher that HP Reveal was shutting down. To say I was totally bummed would be an understatement because HP Reveal has been an out of the box option for a couple of my resources and I had plans for even more! 
    So I am sad to announce, if you own A.N.T.H.E.M. or The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest practice incentive, please be aware that the time is limited on how much longer you can use the “AR” (HP Reveal) cards. As of 1/10/2020, the app is no longer in the app store. It is also unclear how long we will have the ability to continue using it if you already have it downloaded on your device. I did send in an email with those questions, but have not received an answer yet. This is the statement I get when opening the app
    Please refer to the below link.

    check it out – it is called ARtagy and available on the iOS app store here:

    The above link is 3rd party and is not owned by HP, I’ve posted this only so that I may help you resolve this issue by going beyond my support boundaries, please ignore the ads and take only the free suggestions
    We will take this as feedback.
    Keep us posted,
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