Questions about the HP 2nd edition Sprocket

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Hi all, I'm on the market for a portable printer and have read and watched so many reviews about various types of portable printers. None seem to have that great a print quality and the closest seems to be the HP Sprocket. With some editing. So I'm wondering what editing people do to their photos before printing them on the Sprocket (specifically 2nd edition since that's all I can get, 1st seems sold out) what photo editing software do you recommend (Android) and things to consider/gotchas when using a portable printer?

I want one to journal during my travels next year in the USA (first time visiting) and while I know I can't expect professional level printing from pocket printers, I just want to get as close as possible for these memories. Thanks.

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  • I would highly recommend you to enjoy your travel first, to keep safe and take as many photos as you can.Leave photo editing and printing photos when you get back home, there might be even Sprocket 3 next year who nows.

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