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My printer isn't working. It flashes red while on charge but has been on charge all night, if I remove the charger and try to turn the sprocket on nothing happens no matter how long I hold the button or how many times i press it. I tried pressing the reset button while the printer was on charge and the white light at the other end of the printer started flashing. I cant find answers anywhere on the internet for this or in the guide you get when you get the printer. I also tried a factory reset and also didnt work because I cant turn on the printer when it's not on charge. Any ideas at all ?????

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  • @Ella12345
    Welcome to HP support community.
    If you have tried all the steps mentioned in this HP document:- Click here
    And if the issue still persists, this could be a hardware issue.
    I request you to talk to HP support.
    They might have multiple options to help you with this.

    Click on this link -
    Select the country.
    Enter the serial of your device.
    Select the country from the drop-down.
    Click on “Show Options”.Fill the web-form.
    A case number and phone number will now populate for you.

    I hope that helps.
    To thank me for my efforts to help you, please mark my post as an accepted solution so that it benefits several others.

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