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I am struggling to connect and set up my sprocket. I have issues with this every time I use the printer. Somehow in the past I have managed to overcome the problem but without learning what I do to resolve it. I am now trying but failing to achieve. I manage to connect and configure the printer and then I get a message saying set up failed, I am not sure why or what to do about this, can anybody help? I also only seem to be able to print when the printer is on charge and have suffered this problem since the day I got the printer? Any help is much appreciated because the item is getting on my nerves now! Thanks in advance 

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  • Printers are the most used machines in many organizations and institutes. Technical glitches of the printer setup can be fatal if you do not resolve them on time. In case your printer setup is under warranty then we suggest you replace it with the company. If the warranty period of your printer is over, then taking technical help from a third party might help you.

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  • @Enya1 Here’s a step by step guide on setting up the HP Sprocket 200 Photo printer:
    Step 1: Unbox and charge the printer
    Unbox the printer, and then charge it before using it.

    Remove the printer from the box, and then remove any packing material and tape from the printer.

    Connect the USB cable to the printer and a USB power supply.

    Charge the printer for 30 minutes or until the Charging Indicator light turns green.

    Step 2: Pair the printer and mobile device
    Install the HP sprocket app on your mobile device, and then pair your mobile device to the printer using a Bluetooth connection. The app is required to connect the printer and print photos from your mobile device.

    Go to the HP Sprocket (in English) homepage, and then follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the app.

    After the app installs, turn on the printer by holding the Power button until the Status Indicator light above the output slot is on.

    On your mobile device, open the Bluetooth settings menu, and then make sure Bluetooth is enabled.

    Android devices: On your mobile device, open the Location or Location Services menu, and then make sure the setting is turned on.
    HP does not track your location or keep a record of your location information. You can turn the setting off when you are not using the printer.

    Open the HP sprocket app.

    If a Welcome screen displays, tap the setup option, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

    Tap the Menu icon , tap sprocket, and then tap Manage Printers.
    A list of available Sprockets displays.

    If your printer displays, the printer is connected.

    If your printer does not display, tap Add New Printer, tap your printer, and then follow the on-screen prompts.

    (By the end of this article all the issues should be resolved)
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