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I keep getting an error on my phone saying my printer is out of paper but it's totally full and loaded correctly. Can anyone give me some help on this?

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  • Hi @ltm1980 and @Spectre_envyRe: Sprocket Out of PaperI had the same problem with my Sprocket this morning. Updated the app, reset the printer, and reloaded the paper. Still the same problem and message “Out of Paper”. What happened was that the smartsheet had trouble passing through the roller. It took about 2-3 tries of removing the stack and reloading it again (even did the 180-degree turns" before the smartsheet finally passed through the rollers. My photo printed normally after that.So it could be a mechanical problem of paper getting stuck in the roller though mine is less than a year old and really shouldn’t be running into this problem.

    Rain27 on
  • HP6500 gets out of paper message even though therr is paper in tray. 

    ChuckVD on
  •  Your problems (and there are many more out there experiencing this) may be over, fixed, or you threw the printer at the wall, but in case you are still wondering, here’s what I did: In 2013 or 2014 I bought an HP C4740. Sat dormant for over a year. I decided to get it going again and bought new ink. Same problem. Errant “Out of Paper” error.One page in tray, no print.Ten pages, no print.25 pages, no print.And in case you also read where someone said “stack it so it’s practically under pressure” (paraphrased) I did that and no print. According to “the book” I followed instructions and cleaned the already clean rubber rollers in the back with distilled water and let dry.No print. Same fibbing “out of paper” error. NOTE!By the way, I tried ALL the other troubleshooting tips shy of calling for help. BUT,I had read about another gizmo roller in there. I got my little flashlight and about four inches in beyond the easy rollers (from the back hatch) there is a roller which has small ridges and is about 3/4" wide. I cleaned this off with a q-tip. By the way, it’s far enough in there that a normal q-tip may not be long enough to hold and do the job. I actually had to break the qtip in half and grip it with an old 2mm lead drafting pencil, but you could use a long q-tip, or hot glue half a q-tip to a pencil. ALSO:The other reason I went looking for this roller is that I noticed, as you might, after a score of attempts, the paper showed signs of being touched by something in a particular spot. The spot matched the location of this interior roller. SO,Cleaning this roller worked for me. and I am back in business. NOTE:Make sure you put the back hatch back on or you will think your printer is eating paper when it is just spitting it out the back. this is important, because you will be so happy that you are actually seeing the paper being finally taken in by the printer that when nothing comes out, and another page is halfway taken in, this yanking you from sudden elation to despair again may be too much to handle. The back hatch contains the contours and parts that turn the paper around and help deliver it to the front again. Many Bothans died to bring you this information, meaning: I registered to lay this on you. Hope it helps. ~Bri

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  • Hello @ltm1980 -  Did you already try the simple process of completely removing any media in the tray, rotating the entire stack 180 degrees, then reinserting it?  If not, please give that a try and attempt the product reset recommended in the post above. It would be fantastic if you could let us know if any of these solutions resolved your issue, as that will go a long way towards benefiting other customers in your situation. Thanks!

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  • Hi @ltm1980Thanks for using the HP Forums.  Apologies for jumping in here. Can you try to reset the printer?… You will need to re pair the iOS device to the printer, this resource will be useful:… Let us know if that helps!

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