Printer not found while pairing

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I haven’t used my sprocket printer in a while, so I updated the app but now my printer will not connect. I’ve forgotten it from Bluetooth and added it again, restarted the printer, took off any other Bluetooth pairs, and still it will not connect. When I try to add it, my phone says it cannot find it. I’ve tried dozens of times, and still it continues scanning and can’t find it. 

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  • Have not used Sprocket in a while. Trying to use it now, on Iphone 8 running IOS 15. It pairs as HP sprocket(FE:HB) but the app is not able to locate the printer at all. I get a message that perhaps I have an earlier model. Have tried pushing reset button on Sprocket printer several times to no avail. When I turn the sprocket printer on, I get the message on my Iphone saying sprocket would like to communicate with the Sprocket Photo Printer with the option to Ignore or Allow. I select Allow but the app is still not able to find the printer.

    Mark on
  • I haven’t  used my sproket in a while. I charged it up. Tried to pair but it wouldn’t  pair. App says “Printer not found”

    Rob691 on
  • I am having the same problem here. However, I noticed that my HP Sprocket connects to a previous version of iOS.Sprocket cannot connect to both iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 13.6.1 but does connect to iPhone 6S with iOS 13.5.1 Running the sprocket iOS is does show an error that cannot connect to Bluetooth even though it is active. I can post a video later if it would be useful.sprocket firmware is 1.1.8 and harware version 6.

    LuisHenrique on

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