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I'm experiencing the same issue! Except every print has a distinct pink hue, no matter what colours the true photo is. I can print a photo of our garden (all green and no pink hue) but as soon as I print the photo, the green looks brown and there is a pink hue.

To be honest, i find your support very bad. Giving us basic instructions like above, which is posted everywhere - I know I've tried it all.

I'm starting to get really frustrated as I have been to figure this out and you make it very difficult to get in contact with you to fix the issue.

I'm hoping you can help me fix this, because otherwise I'll be returning this product as it is not good enough and doesn't perform how it's been advertised to perform.

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  • Hi ChaniV, Although updating the printer firmware might help the issue, I also recommend doing the following:  Clean the output rollers and calibrate the photo paperDirt and debris on the output rollers can cause print quality issues. Use the blue HP ZINK® Smartsheet from the same pack of photo paper currently in the printer to clean the output rollers.NOTE:To avoid print quality issues, do not use an HP ZINK® Smartsheet from a different pack of HP ZINK® Sticky-Backed Photo Paper. Each pack contains one blue HP ZINK® Smartsheet that calibrates the printer to provide the best print quality for each specific pack.Turn off the printer.Remove the top cover by sliding it away from the output slot, and then set it aside.Remove the stack of photo paper from the input tray, and then inspect the photo paper. Discard any wrinkled or curled photo paper.Place the Smartsheet in the input tray with the bar-code facing down, and then reload the stack of photo paper with the print side facing up.Align the top cover with the tracks on the outside of the printer, and then slide the top cover toward the output slot until it is firmly seated.Turn on the printer.Send a print job. The printer calibrates and cleans the output rollers with the blue HP ZINK® Smartsheet, and then prints the photo. Please let me know if this works for you! 

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  • Hello Danny, We would request you to update the Sprocket firmware. This should mostly resolve the pink hue issue that you are experiencing.  Cheers!   

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