Picture won't come up to preview screen

Posted by raginfeet on

When I select a photo from my gallery it does not come up to the preview screen.  The circle just keeps spinning.  I have tried several times, waiting several minutes, and nothing happens.  I have also uninstalled and re-installed the sprocket app.  If I choose a photo from my wallpapers, it works fine.

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  • I am very disappointed with the sprocket. I am trying to print photos saved on my phone and it does not work. Also photos I have taken and printed thru the app did not save in the app. If I do not get assistance I will return and buy a printer that is user friendly. Which clearly this one is not.

    Eileen Thomson on
  • When I try to print a picture on my sprooket 200 the picture will not come up on the film after I print it

    Meredith D'Arcy on
  • I have a sprocket 200 serial number TH89F23122,I have not used it for about a year,when I try use it the red light flashers continues to flash with the charge cable but will not turn on

    Wayne on
  • Was having the same problem and tried taking a screenshot of the photo I wanted to print and it worked! Another workaround option until you guys push out an update.

    Nardo68 on
  • The editing and saving worked!  Kind of a nuisance, but at least I can use it now.  Btw, didn’t really have to edit, just saved and it still worked.  Thank you for your help.

    raginfeet on

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