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I recently got a Sprocket 200, and since the first print all the photos have come out with a pink hue. Even on black and white photos the white areas appear pink.

As per the instructions on the support page we have updated the printer firmware and re scanned the blue card that came with the pack of paper with no luck. This appears to be a problem that quite a few people are having. Is there a fix for this yet?



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  • Hi Matt, From my personal opinion, try checking on the Zink Smartsheet blue barcode cards.  The newer cards starting with R8E8 may fix the issue, which could be found in new Zink paper reload packs.   Thanks. 

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  • Hi Matt, I’m using an older Sprocket 2-in-1 and the first few times i printed I noticed there was a pink/red hue as well.  I’ve been searching the internet up and down and I do not see an answer to this question, but I believe I may have found the reason for it.  I bought extra Zink paper, and noticed that the Zink Smartsheet (aka the blue barcode) from each pack is different.  When scanning with a different Zink Smartsheet, and using back the same exact Zink paper from an old stack, the print quality was different.   From the test below, I’ve used the same Zink paper from one source, but the Zink Smartsheet from different sources.  What I’ve noticed was the color reproduction was better and the redish / pinkish hue is not present when using the Zink Smartsheet starting with R8E8.  The older barcodes starting with R7B2 results in a very obvious red hue tint, with the R7E5 improving on the color accuracy.   My inference from this test would be that the color reproduction was improved with newer calibration barcodes, provided with some newer replacement Zink paper stocks, but older stocks might have been left with the older barcode.  So check your Zink Smartsheet and see if it is the older R7XX ones.  If it is, and you have the pink/red hue issue,  my suggestion to you would be to purchase a new Zink paper reload, and check if the Zink Smartsheet paper is of a newer version (R8E8 was the one i’ve tested).  The code is also listed before opening the plastic wrapper.  Keep that and use it with your old Zink paper, and see if the color reproduction is better.  Hope this helps your issue.  Thanks. 

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  • @Matt_Co, Welcome to HP Support Community!
    If you have already performed the steps from the document HP Sprocket Printers – Improving Print Quality and the issue persists, it could be a hardware failure.
    Please reach out to the HP Support in your region regarding the service options for your printer.
    Hope this helps!
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