“Out of paper” when it is half full.

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NOTE: I am using an IPhone SE and i am on iOS 11 I updated this phone to iOS 11 in about september. I last used the sprocket with no problem in august.


So I have been trying to print this photo using my HP Sprocket, but for some reason, each time I try to print this photo, I get an alert saying “out of photo paper” and that I must reload. The problem is, is that it already has about 6 or 7 sheets already loaded. A few of months ago I used the first 3 or so sheets of the pack and there was no problem whatsoever with printing, but now it wont print. I have looked around on the internet for possible reasons and I realised that I threw away my blue smartsheet after I first used it for this pack of photopaper. Is that the reason why it wont recognise that there is paper? If so, what happens to the 6 or 7 sheets left in the sprocket? Are they wasted? Or is there a solution to this. How do I get my sprocket to use the rest of the pack of zinc paper???

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  • Thank you so much!

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  • If the paper has been in the printer for some time it may curl due to humidity.  I would suggest the following:  remove the paper from the printer and lay it on a flat surface.  If the paper does not lie flat take note of which way the paper is curled and gently roll the paper in the opposite direction until it will lay flat.  Load the paper back in the printer and try again. 

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