Old Sprocket Won't Work

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Have had my Sprocket 2in1 for nearly 3 years and never have had any problems. Went to go print some photos and my iphone will not connect to the printer. After a few seconds of searching it says the program cannot find it and that I may have one of their earlier printers. When I click on the arrow to select an accessory nothing shows up. As far as I know I am up to date on all of my software. Am I going to have to buy a new printer? 😞 

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  • I gave up after an hour and gave it to my husband to try. He uploaded the program onto his iPhone and was able to print a photo no problem! Even though my software was up to date I had to uninstall and then reinstall the app and had basically no problems. Queuing pictures to be printed doesn’t work sometimes and I’d have to close then restart my app but they would print eventually. 

    MrsR230 on
  • Hi i have the exact same issue! My sprocket is 2-in-1 and I bought it in 2018.  I’ve just gone to use it again and it prints fine in the camera mode but I cannot pair it at all with my iPhone or the app. Even though it identifies that the sprocket is “there” (I.e it shows up on the list of available Bluetooth devices to connect to) it does not actually connect whenever o click on it. Very disappointing and I can only assume it’s a ploy to make people buy newer printers which is really poor. 

    Littleredbek on

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