New Sprocket won't bluetooth connect

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After unboxing my newly bought Sprocket, I charged it fully. I opened up my app and went to connect it there but it would not appear in the Available Devices section. Mind you, I just bought this and it arrived today. I cannot press the three lines in the set up menu because I haven't been able to connect to my Sprocket at all. I've been scouring the forums all day and I've tried everything that's been recommended but nothing is working. There is no way for me to update the firmware, the app will not show me the three lines because I have yet to have been able to connect my sprocket to my phone at all. I've also noticed that a lot of other people are having this issue. Please help.

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  • @heyizzie  According to the article, you should at least be able to get to the menu to check the battery.  (First step.)Sprocket Does Not Connect or Print The User Guide might be helpful.  For example, Page 3 described the Reset option. After all else, please do contact HP Technical Support – brand new little printer is covered by warranty and should work as expected. Still need help?  Want more information?  Search for solutions…Reference and Resources – Places to find (more) help and learn about your PrinterPrinter Homepage – “Things that are your printer”NOTE:  Content depends on device typeDrivers / Software / Firmware Updates, How-to Videos, Bulletins/Notices, Lots of How-to Documents, Troubleshooting, User Guides, Product Information, moreHP Sprocket 200 Printer series  HP Technical Support – HP Contact Information RemindersUse the serial number of the device to submit the case (do not post that information on the Community). Chat is not available in every region. In those areas where Chat is an option, Chat service hours are likely restricted.  In the event that Chat is not available in your region:  Call the number provided in the HP directory, else submit your case online (to receive phone contact information) HP will advise you there is a fee for phone support and / or other services when your computer / device is no longer under warranty.  This is normal business practice. HP may tell you that certain services are not covered under warranty.  This is normal business practice.  Standard Warranty typically covers specific hardware issues as explained in the Warranty contract. Care Pack coverage and warranties differ by package. If the HP Contact (phone) number is not immediately provided:  Contact information is displayed on your screen after you submit your case online.   HP websites are the only ones allowed to use the HP copyright circle/logo.  Look for the copyright on any website claiming to be HP. If in doubt, scroll to the bottom of the Website to find HP copyright logo.   “Everywhere” Contact Information – HP Technical Support HP World-Wide Support Select your region and follow the prompts Option:  Contact HP Technical Support - Regions USA / CanadaSubmit information / case online: Contact HP Support – Assistance PortalSign in or continue as a guest UKFor faster support, submit information / case online HP Customer Support UKContact Phone: Contact HP UK – Phone Assist Option – HP Support is on Facebook!HP on Facebook From HP:  HP Fraud Alert: Protect Yourself from Scams, Report Suspicious Calls  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you for participating in the HP Community Forum.We are a world community of HP enthusiasts dedicated to supporting HP technology.Click Thumbs Up on a post to say Thank You!Answered? Click post “Accept as Solution” to help others find it.  


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