New sprocket owner! Have a few questions!

Posted by Kindredspirit on

I just got my sprocket. Paired up nicely to my iPhone 7+.

The first picture printed beautifully! The next two not so much. They were dark and yellow tint with a hint of greenish spots. Also it prints two in a row!! Not good.

I do have an update to complete but my battery was half so it froze. I did some internet research and I will charge to 75% if not more and re update.

Hopefully this will correct the issues of dark and yellow and printing two pictures each time.

I will be back! I love this printer! I so would hate to and it back🙁

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  • I have set up the Sproket printer twice and when I try to print it sends an error message that the paper is jammed but there is no evidence that the paper is jammed.

    Bee on
  • Well thanks for all the help! I updated and now all the pictures are too dark!!

    Kindredspirit on

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