My Sprocket is only 100% full when charging

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1. My HP Sprocket Plus is blinking red and yellow very fast on the charging indicator when it is charging.


2. I can only turn it on when it is charging and it prints blank. When I remove the cable from charging, it can't be turned on. 


3. When sprocket is charged, it reflected as 100% battery but when remove it says 0%.


Hope this issue can be solve. 



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  • @Faith127
    Welcome to HP support community.
    Reset the printer

    Turn on the printer.

    Remove the paper cover by sliding it away from the output slot, and then set it aside.

    Slide the paper cover

    Remove the paper cover

    Locate the Reset button.

    Gently insert a straight pin into the reset button access point, and then press and hold the Reset button for 3 seconds.
    The printer resets and turns off.

    Turn on the printer.

    You can refer this HP document for more assistance:- Click here
    I hope that helps.
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