Lines streaks during printing

Posted by carbonasupreme on

I’ve bought my hp sprocket last week and the first time I printed some photos it has already some line streaks.  I almost lost 2 packs of photo paper because of those line streaks. I’ve researched how to improve quality of pictures or how to set up if having line streaks, but until now its still not working properly. Please do help or advise me what the best thing I can do for this issue

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  • i’ve had my sprocket for a couple years now and last week it was working fine but now my sprocket is printing with lines all over the photo.

    angie on
  • no, it’s not helping at all. I did the steps so many times yet the lines are still there

    Azureen on
  • Hi I am also experiencing issues with my device – printing lines over pictures. I have just done all the above steps to fix this issue with my sprocket. The only difference is a couple of less lines than before but they have not disappeared. Not sure what else to do besides take it back to the store

    Bronté Markham on

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