Is this normal print quality?

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I recently purchased a brand new Sprocket Plus and am wondering if the print quality from these two sample prints is normal or problematic.


I have already tried all the suggestions listed here:, but have seen no improvement. 


Note the observable lines running down  the lighter portions of the prints. 


Is this normal? Is this simply a limitation of zink technology?


Thanks in advance!



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  • Hi guys, daughterlaoye, thank you for your useful review. It really seems it’s a limitation of Zink technology. I wish I could see a live comparison of HP Sprocket and other zink printers (LG, Polaroid, Canon) and see the differences. klimbo12 – great, we are waiting for your review 

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  • Following up on my issue: The replacement unit arrived today, and I have tested it with the same images I’ve printed before. The same lines are apparent in these prints as before, so I think this is just the limitation of Zink technology. Disappointing, since no one at HP could confirm that this level of print quality was normal or not, but the support was at least responsive enough to replace the unit for me. Looks like I need to make a trip to FedEx to ship this unit back to HP, which is a bit annoying, and I have wasted a bit of film with all these test prints, but what can you do.  Generally, the lines are most obvious in prints with large, lighter areas. It doesn’t seem to be as bad on images that have more going on in them, so I will probably just be more selective in the images I print, since I still do like the sticker format and overall form factor.  Hope this helps others who are wondering about print quality as well. 

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  • My Sprocket Plus Firmware is verion 1.0.5 and Hardware version 6. A few years ago, I gifted a Fujifilm Instax SP-1 to my sister in law. We did a few prints together, and I recall the print quality looking a little soft overall, but no artefacts or lines like I’m seeing on the HP printer. I suspect it has to do with the difference in Zink technology, but I hope I’m wrong. I really love the sticker format!! 

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  • Hi daughterlaoye, thank you for your answer. And what version of firmware and hardware do you have on your Sprocket Plus? Do you try any other pocket printer like this?

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  • I followed the PM instructions I got to contact Customer Service, and I have a “new” reburbished unit being sent to me. I will test the new printer and see if the print quality is the same. The service rep did not really comment on whether the print quality was typical or not; he just followed a script for some troubleshooting, but since I was still unsure about the quality, he submitted the order for the replacement unit.I’ll be sure to respond back to this thread with the results of the new printer. I do wish online reviews showed up close images of the prints. I’m starting to suspect they do not because they received the printer for free to review and the up close images would not be a great selling point.We’ll see!

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