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We are using the Sprocket Printer in a commercial setting where our customers can print out a personal image that coincides with our products. Although it works just fine, we are having one problem: constantly having to add more paper. What we are looking for is a version of the Sprocket that can handle more paper...100 sheets would be great. We realize that it might not be as beautiful looking as it is now, but our printer is hidden in the display and isn't seen anyway. We do realize also there might be alignment problems, but thought it would be worth asking about.

So, does something like what we are looking for exist? Our group is interested in using this system all over the world so costs, although important, might be worth the trouble.

Please get back to us with any ideas...thank you.

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  • You’re very welcome Scot  🙂

    I am speaking for myself and not for HP. Twitter: @Ciara_B_27

    Ciara_B on
  • Thanks Ciara,Ironically, just before receiving your message I found that the Zink paper manufacturer also makes a printer ( hAppy Printer ) that takes 200" ROLLS of paper….just exactly what I was looking for.Thanks agin for your consideration,Scot

    scot2 on
  • Hi @scot2 I don’t know if extra capacity like that has been considered for future releases. I’ve copied @Spectre_Envy as he may have more to add on this topic… Thanks, Ciara 

    I am speaking for myself and not for HP. Twitter: @Ciara_B_27

    Ciara_B on

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