I am trying to pair my iphone to my sprocket printer and I get error message

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Hello i am having trouble pairing my sprocket printer to my iphone. I get an error message HP sprocket (85:94) is not supported. I tried to pair it with a samsung phone and the device could detect the sprocket. My iphone on the other hand cannot connect to it via blue tooth. Just hoping for some trouble shooting advice please. Thanks in advance 

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  • Thank you for your quick reply. My iphone is iphone 6 and has iOs10.3.2 so i am sure this is up to date. I never paired it to the sansung only because I wanted to make sure that phone could find it and thereby eliminate a software issue with the sprocket. My ipad can find the sprocket but not my phone. I am going to the app,e shop tomorrow and hopefully the staff there can help me. Thanksand yes i have installed and uninstalled the sprocket app from my phone. I really don’t want to reset the sprocket at this point. Just wondering what the error message meant. Thanks

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  • Hi,What iOS version fo you have? Tap Settings > General > About to find out. Have you installed the HP Sprocket app on your iPhone? If you have the Sprocket paired on your Samsung, be sure to turn of bluetooth or unpair the phone fro your Androiud device first, then try pairing it with your iPhone again. Shlomi

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