HP Sprocket printing blue tinted photos

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I have the same problem with my printer and are using lots of sheets trying to see if this works . and they are not very cheap! I think at this instance the only solution is to ask for a product change?

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  • @floralvarez05
    Welcome to HP Forums,
    Let’s get straight to it!
    Have you already gone through all the diagnostic steps suggested by the OP? If not, check this link to improve print quality: Click here
    If the issue persists, please reset the print using the below steps:
    If the printer does not print when you send a print job or turn on when you press the Power button, reset the printer with a straight pin to clear any errors.

    Turn on the printer.

    Locate the Reset button near the charging port.

    Gently insert the straight pin into the reset button access point, and then press the Reset button for 3 seconds.
    The printer resets and turns off.

    Turn on the printer.

    And try again.
    Keep me posted, as I (Or a trusted colleague) shall follow-up on this case to ensure the concern has been addressed, 
    And your device is up and running again, only in case you don’t get back to us, first! 
    That said, If the information I’ve provided was helpful, give us some reinforcement by clicking the solution and kudos buttons, 
    That’ll help us, and others see that we’ve got the answers!
    Good Luck.

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