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I was so excited to have recieved an HP sproket for my birthday which I had been wanting for so long. In online videos the quality of the prints looks amazing. However I receieved mine and the prints were terrible quality, lines, a completely different colour, even though the photos themselves are great quality. The sprocket is fully charged, updated, using HP zink paper, everything that the website says to improve the quality I have tried.  We went and replaced it with a new one and this one is even worse! Is the print quality just not good or am I doing something wrong? I leave tomorrow on an overseas trip and really wanted to take it with me! HELP!!!

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  • @Iceskater,
    Welcome to the Hp support forums. I have reviewed the post. I will send you a private message to assist you with the next course of action.
    Check your forum private message box for instructions in the upper right corner next to the bell icon.
    Thanks and have a great day ahead. 

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