HP Sprocket Plus not printing from Samsung S8 android version 8.0.0

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Not sure why, but after printing to Sprocket Plus from my gallery files on Samsung Galaxy S8 sucessfully when first purchased and set up Sprocket.  It now appears to be searching for files in my gallery without selecting a file? I  have reduced the number of photos on my phone (2 photos) to see if this would relsove it but no.  Sprocket has paper, is charged and white light is showing as ready.  Any help would be greatly received.

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  • I have a Samsung Note 8, and just bought a Sprocket 200.  These two devices do not talk to one another, ie no Bluetooth recognition.  I’ve tried EVERYTHING, but obviously the Sprocket has a hardware problem.  I am ready to burn it!  Very pissed off!

    Netsuki on
  • I want to buy Sprocket and wanted to know if you were able to connect HP Sprocket plus to Samsung S8 or not ? I have Samsung S8+ edge and wondering if its compatible.

    Zankhana on
  • Hello, and welcome to the forum! I am the lucky owner of a Sprocket plus myself, and I found that it is a great little product. The Sprocket can only connect with one mobile device at a time. Please check that you don’t have another mobile device paired with your Sprocket.  Hope this helps. I am not an employee of HP.


    Grubba on

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