HP Sprocket Plus Accessory not supported by this device

Posted by glsk0 on

How come not a single person person from HP give the correct answer to people having problem connecting iPhone to the HP Sprocket Plus? And why is it impossible to find this information without taking to HP support? The problem is that the firmware on the HP Sprocket Plus don't working with the latest iOS 12.1.2 from Apple and it's been like that for more than a month. Still there is no fix and still there is no information from HP. I'm not impressed by the slow development from HP so people have to wait for ages when there is a new iOS version. What happens next time iOS is updated? Neither am I impressed by the support by HP. If you only could have published this information on the support website and give a reasonable time for fixing the problem everything would have been ok. I bought this product in December and so far not been able to use is at all. This is horrible support and I guess it will be returned to the store.


I have no problems accepting that a software update could cause issues, but I would expect a fix within a reasonable time and existing support/information to the customers.

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  • Thank you for your reply, but no solution for more than 6 months I ended up returning the product. So I do not have a Sprocket to test with anymore.

    glsk0 on
  • I know this is late but it’s the most recent post I could find on the topic. I have iOS 12.4 and the firmware on printer is 1.18. I connected without issue. Here’s what I did: settings —>Bluetooth —>sporcket Forget this device  then launch the sprocket app then turn on sprocketi was then prompted “device sprocket is trying to communicate” Allow/Deny i clicked Allow and was able to print note I switch between two iPhones with the device and I follow the above each time I need to swap photos es.  I hope this is kore helpful than the support responses I’ve seen. I for one would just like confirmation 1.18 is the correct version. C’est la vie

    Defjab1 on

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