Hp Sprocket 200 printing with lines through paper

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Having an issue with my HP sprocket 200. After printing about 10 photos the printer got a piece of paper stuck in it. I reset the printer and it fed the paper through. Since then every single photo I print is printing with lines through it. Like the ink is missing in a perfect line through the photo. I have tried resetting it multiply times and I have fed the blue sheet through every time. I’ve tried printing 6 times since and it’s still doing it. Software is up to date. Even tried using a new stack of paper. image.jpg


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  • @Hayley93

    Welcome to HP Support Community
    I appreciate all your efforts and expertise in troubleshooting this issue
    At this point, this seems to be a Hardware issue. 
    I would request you to contact our phone support for service options
    1) Click on this link - www.hp.com/contacthp/ 
    2) Select your product type below.
    3) Enter the serial of your device. 
    4) Select the country from the drop-down. 
    5) Select the chat or get phone number options based on your preferences. 
    6) Fill the web-form and proceed further.
    Thank you and have a great day 😊

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