HP Sprocket 200 no longer discoverable on bluetooth and won't factory reset

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I bought a Sprocket 200 for my daugher for Christmas.  Initial setup and connection to her phone was fine, and she was able to print a number of photos.  The sprocket was then turned off and has subsequently failed to reconnect to her phone.  I have:


1) tried a reset using the small button under the paper cover

2) tried a factory reset using the HP instructions (holding the power button until the light flashes green, then pressing the power button again)

3) tried connecting to the sprocket from a new device


None of the above have enabled me to connect to the sprocket.  I believe that it is no longer bluetooth discoverable.


Furthermore, the factory reset does not appear to have worked -- the sprocket still displays the custom LED light colour.

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    Appreciate all your time and efforts, you have already tried all the possible steps that could resolve the issue.
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