HP sprocket 200 - iphone: this accessory is not supported

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I tried to connect my Sprocket new edition to ipohnes (ios 12.1.2) several times - i tried it out with 3 different iphones.

The phone connects wits the printer via bluetooth and in the last step in the app i get always the same failure message on the phone : this accessory is not supported by this iPhone


I tried everything - connect new, searched for new firmware (nothing found), reset printer, delted the app several times and all i found on the web - always the same


The printer is new

And I tried out with 3 different iphones and always get the same answers on the phone - the app finds the printer - i can connect it and getting the date. And then i s there the window accessory choose - with the printer listed  - and then i click on the HP Sprocket 200 (64:79) and getting the message - this accessory is not supported.


Sorry for my english - no native speaker. Living in Austria

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  • Hi,I understand you are getting an “Accessory Not Supported” message when trying to pair the Sprocket printer with multiple iPhones.  This unfortunatley is a hardware issue with the printer. We apologzie for any inconvenience. Please contact customer support to get a replacement unit.  https://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.html

    I am an HP EmployeeRegards,StretchMusicIf the answer provided resolves your issue please press the thumbs up button in order to make the answer available to others.

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