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Hi! I've just purchased my HP Sprocket along with a pack of Polaroid PoGo paper.
I was just wondering if, being the same technology used and all, I can use said paper for my new printer without any problem or if I should return it before even opening it.
Thanks for the help!

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  • Greetings @Dianaplpz, 
    Welcome to HP Forums and Thanks for the post. 
    I understand that you are looking to use Polaroid PoGo paper with your Sprocket printer, is that right?
    Not to worry, I will be glad to assist you. 
    Based on the specifications of the Sprocket printer, the printer only supports HP ZINK® Sticky-Backed Photo Paper. Click here. 
    Other photo paper may or may not work with the Sprocket. 
    For any other concerns with Sprocket, you can refer to this HP Article. 
    Let me know if this helped. 

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