Color on printer not the same as the images

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The color on the pictures I print on the sprocket are not the same as the picture i took and the back ground colors kind of blend together

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  • Hello again.The problem is definetely not the images resolution.As you probably can see from the images I uploaded here, the original is way larger. In fact it is 6000×4000 at 300dpi… comes from Sony Alpha 6300.313×400 dpis does not makes sense to me. Why are you mixing dimensions with dpis which are a concentration measure, given a linear segment of 1 inch?My guess is that you are refering to the printer’s resolution being 313×400... which is not really 4:3 or 3:2 standard ratios. That is not really important in color rendering, which is the problem.818×1258 ppi is also something that does not makes sense to me… looks like you are again mixing dimensions with pixel concentration. Nevertheless, as I stated before, images are much larger than that and the printer scales them down correctly, except for the color.Or are you saying that the horizontal density of the thermal sublimination hardware is difetent from the certical one? I guess not…Also, I have told that my device is a Samsung S7 edge… so I guess you haven’t read me or you are not familiar with the 2k resolution of Samsung S7edge… Anyway… the pictures are not from screencaptures.I am really thinking that I am not talking to a technical person. Your answers are not satisfying by any means. You keep repeating things that do not make sense and asking things I have already mentioned before.The link you posted before does not help, as I have already mentioned. Please take the time to read trough ALL I have said so that I don’t feel like I am talking to a layman here…Also…I HAVE ASKED for color profiles, software to use, etc…Because I KNOW for a fact that the printer has some limits. And I know what can fix it.So PLEASE ask someone that knows what he is talking about to try to reply.Or I guess I will be left with no other option but to return the printer and ask for a refund and of course advice everyone to avoid buying this product.And believe me… my reviews are seen by some hundreds thousands followers in youtube, instagram and linked in…You shouldn’t treat your customers with a script when you see that they understand “a bit” about technology.Have a great day

    FTrindade on
  • @FTrindade, I’m glad you came back so quick.

    As you mentioned even after resetting the printer the issue still persists.

    The maximum resolution printed by the sprocket is 313 × 400 dots per inch (dpi).

    Also, Make sure images have a minimum resolution of 818 × 1258 pixels per inch (ppi) for optimal print quality. Screen captured
    images from your mobile device might not have sufficient resolution for optimal print quality. See your mobile
    device manufacturer for more information. 

    Refer the link in my previous thread to improve the print quality.

    If the issue still persists it is a limitation of the printer.

    Have a great day ahead! 🙂

    A4Apollo I am an HP Employee
    A4Apollo on
  • Hi MrRobot.I have tested with pictures saved with:Picasa3 (ollllld thing),Photoshop CS7,for windows;and:Android “Gallery” (default)and even Photo Mate R3 (the best app i could find for RAW image mobile processing)ALL of those went out like that.I did the reset… twice!I have new slips of the paper sold with the printer;I just opened a NEW packet for that print I annexed here and of course, runned the calibrayion with the card.This is the result after ALL options I have seen on the foruns about this topic.So…Any color profile you are awre that have the BEST results for this?It would be nice to have a test case (user story) from your side that actually could lead to a succesful print…Please advice on:hardware used to take photo;the software used to edit;color profiles used;that may reach the best effect.Thanks.

    FTrindade on
  • @FTrindade, Thanks for your response and time.

    As you mentioned even you have picture quality issues with your printer.

    Try using a different photo application and check if it helps.

    If the issue still persists, try resetting the printer and check if it helps.

    Refer my previous thread to know how to reset the printer.

    I’ll watch your reply!
    Have a beautiful day ahead! 🙂

    A4Apollo I am an HP Employee
    A4Apollo on
  • Looks like there is a lot of people with same problem.Mine printed like two or three nice images but then started to print like old ribbon printers, colors washed out, not contrasting, no color accuracy, nothing.Did the reset… same.Sheets are new Zink HP Sprocket Paper, printer is cold.Aren’t there any color profiles set to be used with this printer?Maybe by using an appropriate color profile in photoshop we could get better results?Please help.ThanksCheck below:Original   Printed:

    FTrindade on

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