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I am trying to connect to Bluetooth with my iPhone but the device is not found. I just bought the printer but worked only once and is not working now

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  • Having the exact same issue and my only thought is that it is a ploy for HP to make people buy newer printers.  I bought my 2in1 just over a year ago and it’s not working at all connecting to Bluetooth.  So disappointed and feel as though it is an utter waste of money now. 

    Littleredbek on
  • @Farnazsaf 
    Please forget the printer device from your phone’s Bluetooth list and restart your iPhone.
    Next Reset the Sprocket 

    Make sure the printer is on.

    Remove the paper cover.

    Locate the Reset button.

    With a paperclip or pin, press and hold the Reset button until the Charging Indicator light turns off.
    The printer resets and turns off.

    Replace the paper cover, and then turn on the printer.

    Try connecting the iPhone and Sprocket
    Let me know how it goes
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    KrazyToadI Am An HP Employee
    KrazyToad on
  • I should add that I tried all the ways like restarting the phone, the printer and the app but seems like a serious problem.

    Farnazsaf on

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