Can’t connect to Bluetooth and can’t reset.

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Bought the sprocket for my teen last year for Christmas. She could never get it to work and it just sat in her room until she went off to college and I found it. I am unable to see it on under my Bluetooth to connect it to the app. I tried to reset it by using a pin but the pin doesnt hit anything and just goes on through. What can I do?  Has anyone else had this problem?  

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  • Hello, and welcome to this forum. I am the happy owner of a Sprocket plus, a great little product from HP. When you turn on your Sprocket, a message will show up on your mobile device: «Sprocket wants to communicate. Ignore or accept». If a message like this doesn’t show up, your Sprocket is most likely not connected to your mobile device. For my iPhone, I tap «Settings», tap «bluetooth»and your should find «Sprocket» connected or not connected. If it isn’t there, turn on your Sprocket. If the white light on your Sprocket blinks a couple of times and then continues with a white non-blinking light, your Sprocket should be fine. Your Sprocket should now appear among your Bluetooth devices after a few seconds. Again, the message «Sprocket wants to communicate. Ignore or accept», should pop up. Tap «Accept», and you should be airborne. If this procedure doesn’t work, I am sorry that I cannot help you further. I read from your message that you have opened your Sprocket and tried to reset it, so I assume you have checked that there is paper in your printer. I am not an employee of HP. Have a good day!


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