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Hi there,

THis may be a silly question but I have just got given a SProcket as a Birthday Present which is super cool.

Just a bit disappointed that the photo quality is a bit off and I have read bits and bobs on the Forum about the Blue Smartsheet that helps to callibrate with colours and printing quality etc. 

However, I may have threw out the blue sheet when I first used the 10 zinc photo sheet pack.  I haven't yet brought another packet of Zinc photo pack yet; so before I panic, I am wanting to find out whether there will there be another Blue Smart Sheet from the new pack? Otherwise, where could I get another Blue Smart Sheet to correct the colours and quality of my Sprocket?

I look forward to your advice.



Kind regards,
Worried sprocket user

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  • Thanks for your helpful response!

    Garbino on
  • The pack of new paper will also have a new blue sheet.

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    Bob_Headrick on

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