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I got the sprocket photo printer as a gift about 2 years ago, and have NEVER gotten a single good photo. My photos are printing with a blue tint over them that is not in the original pictures, or it will come out pink, liney or sometimes all at once! I have wasted over 40 sheets of hp zink sticky back papers, wasting a LOT of my money, not only on the sheets, but quite obviously, the actual sprocket machine. I have tried all of the suggested solutions, I use the blue barcode sheet Provided in each pack, over and over, which all do nothing. I have reset the machine with the needle for the button, which did nothing. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app, which did nothing. I have checked for updates, it is fully updated. It was a gift, so I cannot exchange it as I had no receipt, and the warranty is up now. I will not be buying another, and suggest no one else risks this either. If you have one that works properly, lucky you!!

The picture I have included are only a few examples of what and why I have wasted my time, effort and money on.

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  • @LCamps, Welcome to the HP Support Community!
    To assist you better, what model HP Sprocket are you using?
    Refer to this document to know how to find the Product Name or Product Number.
    Which version of iOS are you using?
    Keep me posted.

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