Leave a Mark on Your Mother’s Heart!




What You Need

  • Paper trimmer
  • Popsicle sticks (x3)
  • Glue pen
  • Construction paper
  • HP Sprocket 2x3” printer



Measure and mark 8” length and 3.5” width on construction paper. Then, cut out the rectangle you measured with a paper trimmer.


With a glue pen, add glue to three popsicle sticks and paste the sticks to the back of the construction paper.


Print out two photos with your HP Sprocket 2x3” printer. Next, remove the sticky backing from the photos and place them on the construction paper. Finally, design the bookmark however you like with a message, drawing, or any other decoration. Now you can gift your mother a beautiful, hand-crafted bookmark that tells a story just like her favorite novel.