Custom Stickers from your HP Sprocket App

If you want to add a creative flair to your photos, custom stickers are a great way to add a personal touch to any picture. By utilizing custom stickers, you can turn handmade drawings, printed designs, and anything else you can think of into a usable sticker for your HP Sprocket photos.

The custom stickers feature on the HP Sprocket app quickly turns any kind of design into a sticker that automatically saves to your sticker gallery. Once saved, your custom stickers work in exactly the same way our premade stickers do. You’ll be able to add them to your photos, move and resize them, and enjoy the beauty they add to your printed photos.

To use custom stickers, begin by selecting the photo you want to edit. Once selected, tap the pencil in the top-right corner of the photo to enter editing mode. Using the options on the bottom of your screen, open the sticker gallery.

In the sticker gallery, tap the plus sign in the bottom-left corner to add a custom sticker. The app will open a camera that will allow you to take a picture of the sticker you want to add. Simply line up your design and tap the screen to take a photo. Your image will automatically take on a sticker design and will become usable in the sticker gallery.

Once you have added your custom sticker, return to the sticker gallery and add it to your photos like any other sticker. Should you want to delete your custom sticker, long-tap on that sticker, then tap delete.

At this point, you are ready to start experimenting with custom stickers. This feature gives you a whole new way to make each photo you print unique and personal.